About Me

My name is Mayank and I am the maintainer of this amazing solution provider website. I just launch Dev Hooks on 3rd May 2020. Before launch Devhooks, I have maintained another website and now it’s not available on the web. But, you guys just don’t worry about the old solutions which I have given because I have moved all those solutions in a Devhooks. So, it’ll available on this website.

I'm an IT professional with a lot’s of skills in an eCommerce website development. Web programming is a passion that I can never have enough. After graduating with a Master's degree in Information Technology, I spent lots of time coding websites for fun and personal profit.

Eventually, I started my job as a web developer using PHP. For, me it was a great experience and a real dream job the one I still loved doing until today. I have been a web developer since 2010, and although I love coding now.

Whenever I learned about something, I tried to write a short easy to explain what I have learned. Even one paragraph is enough to help you gain a better perspective on what you've learned. That's why this website is created.

It's not just for helping other people, because it has helped me first.

Today, I’m an eCommerce Project Manager. And experienced in PHP, Javascript, jquery, Nodejs, Reactjs, and other programming languages. I’m also Operating Unmanaged Server, Git, Firebase Hosting, AWS Server, EC2, and Google Cloud.

I’m grateful to the big eCommerce community of programmers everywhere who write articles and videos, from StackOverflow, for their help and advice in sharpening my skills and ability to learn more and more. This website is my effort to give back into the community of programmers all around the world. On this site, I post useful articles for improving the reader’s knowledge.

My main aim is to teach and help other community members to be better was something that pushed me to write about my experience as a developer. I'm glad it found expression in this website. I hope you will find my content useful and engaging.

Best Regard,