Magento 2 How to get cross-sell products in GraphQL

If you had ever noticed that cross-sell products are always found in the shopping cart, now in this article, we will show you how to get cross-sell products.

We need to perform a products query for cross-sell products. The following query returns information about cross-sell products.


{ products(filter: { sku: { eq: "24-WB03" } }) { total_count items { id name sku url_key stock_status new_from_date new_to_date special_price special_from_date special_to_date __typename crosssell_products { id name sku } } } }


{ "data": { "products": { "total_count": 1, "items": [ { "id": 12, "name": "Driven Backpack", "sku": "24-WB03", "url_key": "driven-backpack", "stock_status": "IN_STOCK", "new_from_date": null, "new_to_date": null, "special_price": null, "special_from_date": null, "special_to_date": null, "__typename": "SimpleProduct", "crosssell_products": [ { "id": 21, "name": "Sprite Foam Yoga Brick", "sku": "24-WG084" }, { "id": 23, "name": "Harmony Lumaflex™ Strength Band Kit ", "sku": "24-UG03" }, { "id": 33, "name": "Sprite Yoga Strap 6 foot", "sku": "24-WG085" }, { "id": 35, "name": "Sprite Yoga Strap 10 foot", "sku": "24-WG087" } ] } ] } } }

That's it!!

If you are looking for more GraphQL solutions then check out our another article which is List of GraphQL Queries and Mutations for Magento 2.

I hope this article helps you to find what you were looking for.

Bookmark it for your future reference. Do comment below if you have any other questions on that.

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