Magento 2 How to set Payment Method on the cart using GraphQL

We are all know that without payment not possible buy to any item in this world :laughing:, So the following article teach you how to set Paymnt Method on the cart.

Magento supports the following offline Payment Method:

  • Bank Transfer Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Check / Money order
  • No Payment Information Required
  • Purchase Order

Magento also supports the following online Payment Method:

  • Braintree
  • Braintree Vault
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Payflow Link
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution
  • Express Checkout for other PayPal solutions


mutation {
    input: SetPaymentMethodOnCartInput

Offline Payment Method


mutation { setPaymentMethodOnCart( input: { cart_id: "2U1u9wHHOFNR3UAnBWMTznJfyKA74ZIc" payment_method: { code: "checkmo" } } ) { cart { selected_payment_method { code title } } } }


{ "data": { "setPaymentMethodOnCart": { "cart": { "selected_payment_method": { "code": "checkmo", "title": "Check / Money order" } } } } }

That's it!!

If you are looking for more GraphQL solutions then check out our another article which is List of GraphQL Queries and Mutations for Magento 2.

I hope this article helps you to find what you were looking for.

Bookmark it for your future reference. Do comment below if you have any other questions on that.

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